Tolerating the narcissism of teasels…..

My teasels have sprung in to action, taking a huge amount of space in the borders. They are massive, clear, and very present – “Look at meeeee!!” “Here I am!!!!” “Get out of my way, lesser herbaceous cousin-plant… is ME!!!! Make room!!!!”  arms aloft, dainty waists, slightly weirdly alienesque eyes. I love them. They have a certain brash coarseness to them. They take up far too much room in the beds (that is their strategy) – narcissistic, spiky, but unquestionably self-celebratory. Part of the community of plants, but you wouldn’t want too many of them…..

And is it self-aggrandisement or is it pure and simple praise? The famous Marianne  Williamson poem springs to mind ‘It is our light not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves – who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?. Actually who are you not to be………’

When we are being ourselves we are reflecting that small part of the cosmos of potential that has our name on it. Teasels, for a brief June season, teach this. No problem there being brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous.  They stand straight, like a gymnast who has just finished a wonderful awe-inspiring mega-vault, and they say ‘Ta-Da!!! And for my next trick I shall grow my own hairbrush out of the top of my head!’. Because that is what teasels do. Lets be more teasel.  Do what we do. Love who we are.  Brilliant. Gorgeous. Talented. Fabulous.




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