Vulnerability and Love

Version 3The word vulnerable means to be capable of being wounded. Being human is to live in that capability – we have vulnerable bodies, we are open to being hurt physically and in our hearts (as we reach out for love, attention, affection) all the time. Imagine being on a battlefield without armour, you would be very woundable, very vulnerable. So in life we build armour, we build defences. The psychological defences (keeping closed, staying away from people, being loud, pushy, arrogant, shy….what ever those defences are for you) are ways of trying to reduce that vulnerability. Then our defences make us sad and miserable. There comes a point when we start to risk standing there on the battle field of life without our armour. The exquisiteness of that moment, of that vulnerability, is what connects us to one another and I would suggest is what makes true love possible. That is my valentines weekend post – the  exquisiteness of the nakedness of vulnerability. Trembling like a rose in the moment of time between yourself and the one you love.

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